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When cruising the web, how often do you stop to watch that short video? Phone in hand scrolling through your Facebook feed, the video automatically plays and starts to grab your attention. Do you stop? Do you click? How long do you stay? If captivating, I’m sure you’ll ending up watching the whole thing.

Today, short video marketing has become key in developing your brand and building relationships with your future customers. Simply put, you have a story to tell and bringing that story to life is where we come in.

We offer creative dynamic short to medium length videos that expand your business’s reach locally, regionally and worldwide. These services include script development, storyboarding, and full scale production for web and TV. We have all the tools and the creative team to meet and exceed your expectations.

Here are a few examples of our work.

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Chicago Scooter Company

Chicago Scooter Company is a Chicago-based importer and distributor of high quality, affordably priced two-wheel scooters. Established in 2014, CSC is developing a network of dealers across the United States who are committed to selling a reliable product to an ever-expanding base of scooter enthusiasts. CSC’s newest scooter launched in Q4 of 2015 is called…
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Music Video: Diva With Buck Feva

If your a Lady and you Hunt, this is your theme song! This was a one day shoot, with 35 people involved and a great final product.

More About This Featured Project