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Break Free from the Status Quo


We offer services to creatively and effectively break away from the status quo. If you look like everyone else on the web, then all you’re doing is drowning in a very big ocean.

Our team specializes in three key components to building you a solid and engaging web marketing presence. First we start with the end in mind, and spend time understanding what marketing results you are looking to accomplish. Then we take those goals and formulate a marketing strategy which will include the most important elements to reaching those goals. Third we implement the plan utilizing the talents of the GT Business Design Team, below is a list of some our specialties when it comes to amplifying your marketing message on the web.

We specialize in website design, social media design, social media community management, video marketing, graphic design for both web and print, content strategy, and various forms of pay-per-click advertising and SEO services.

Where do you fit in the Social Web?

You may have this figured out already, and are just looking for some help sprucing things up or assistance with managing your social community. If this describes you then we look forward to meeting and helping you with those areas. For the rest of the world that is still trying to figure out where, why and how to make their business social, you’ve come to the right place.

We have spent our work and a lot of our free time, exploring and understanding the various social channels, and how they relate to different industries and customers. We also take notice of updates and changes to the major social media sites to keep our clients on the leading edge of this world wide change we know call social media.

Give us a call, we would to take the time and help you understand whether social media is the right choice for your company, or answer any questions that you have been keeping you up at night.

You + Us = A Great Design Team

One of the main themes that we hear from clients that have left another web company and started with GT Business Design is that they never had the opportunity to update their site, and were constantly tied to the designers/developers schedule for updating.

Right from the beginning our company has sought to overcome these failures in the industry. We have focused our efforts on finding the right content management system that allowed completely customized websites but also offered our clients the best in ease of use for updating. We found the best system for 90% of our clients is using the content management system Squarespace.

Squarespace gives our users total control in their content areas, and for us it allows complete control over the design, and web standards that make for dynamic websites.

In fact the website you are currently browsing is built on Squarespace 6. Let talk, so we can share how this powerful system can be put to work for you.

We also work with WordPress, osCommerce, and build more static websites for those who desire.

Real Results One Click At A Time

Why pay for clicks that don’t make the phone ring, or the cash register sing?

Pay-per-click advertising on search engines and on social media, can be a great way to generate sales and awareness. The problem is not many companies do a very good job of making each dollar count.

GT Business Design takes a comprehensive approach to search marketing and pay-per-click advertising. We target your market holistically and create effective campaigns that match search audiences with their keywords on your website so that conversions are the top priority.

Don’t spend money throwing mud at the wall.

Your Very Own Marketing Team

​We love becoming part of your business marketing team. We play this role well, by offering a variety of expertise within our company, and matching them with your desire to win in the market place.


We offer the benefit of marketing consulting on a regular basis, or just once and a while to keep you informed about the best practices for the web.

Whatever your marketing needs may be, we can help evaluate and strategize a successful plan of action to meet your company goals.

Our consulting rate is $55 per hour